Overcoming Sexual Problems in Women

There are many causes of sexual problems in women. The reasons can vary from excessive stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and hormonal imbalances. No matter who suffers from it; sexual problems, if not paid attention to; may have life shattering effects. Sexual problems in either of the partner may majorly influence the other participant, which may have adverse effects on the relationship and lives of both the partners.

There are different methods to treat different conditions. Not all problems pertaining to sexual activity require critical medical attention, some of them may be minor problems and can be cured by improving communication and being open about one’s inner most feelings; as they might be the reason for the problem. Treatment of sexual inconsistencies depends on the type of problem being faced.

Treatment of sexual problems may include:

  • Management of any physical causes.
  • Sex therapy.
  • Educating one about their body, sexual signals and receptors, and changes in sexuality with time.
  • Counseling both partners.
  • Psychological therapy. Therapy for sexual problems often involves cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Treatment for decreased sexual desire

Receiving counseling as a couple can help fortify one’s emotional connection with their partner. Eliminating stress from a relationship is key to improve one’s sexual relationship. Being comfortable with your partner plays a big part in improving your desire for intimacy. Forced sex and physically violent sex is a factor that causes a drop in sexual desire. 

Treatment for physical causes consist of:

  • Changing a medicine that may be responsible for lower interest in sex.
  • Relieving pain, illness, and sleep problems that are lower your libido.
  • Low-dose estrogen. Low levels of estrogen may cause vaginal dryness.
  • Testosterone is sometimes used to improve sex drive.
  • Regular Exercising, to improve mood and increase natural testosterone levels in the body.

Treatment for decreased sexual arousal

It is very important to understand the decrease in sexual excitement. Emotions can play an important role on woman’s arousal. Stimulation of other parts of her body influences the increase in female libido.

Tip: Stimulating the breasts of a woman may result in the arousal of a woman.

 Treatment may also include:

  • Changing treatment for certain illnesses.
  • Counseling
  • Use of vaginal lubricants or masturbation, and so on.

Treatment for inability to reach orgasm

Any medicine that is known to affect one’s ability to orgasm can be changed, only by the consul of your doctor. Stopping of medications on mere speculation could be harmful for your health.

Self stimulation and masturbation can be tried, if you're having delayed, or other troubles with orgasm.

Treatment for pain

Pain may be caused by a physical problem; treatment of that problem may ease the pain. Pain during intercourse may however, may be caused due to psychological causes such as anxiety or repressed memories of sexual assault.

Pain when penis enters the vagina

Pain that occurs during intercourse may be caused due to the involuntary contraction of the vagina. This may be caused due to lack of experience with sex.

Progressive muscle relaxation and gradual vaginal dilation, along with psychotherapy programs may be deployed for the treatment of sexual problems

Vaginal irritation or other physical problems may cause pain during initial penetration. Riddance from the pain may require treating the physical reason.

Other pain during intercourse

Pain during intercourse can be caused due to several reasons. Pain caused by deep thrusting of the penis, may be due to a pelvic disease.

Open discussions with your doctor will help you investigate the root cause of the pain and avail the best treatment.

Treatment for aging and menopause-related sexual problems

Menopause can cause vaginal dryness and can be treated at home with the use of lubrication. Consult your doctor to know what you can do to treat menopause related sexual problems. Ask your doctor about the use of estrogen, as hormone can be used to curb menopause-related problems.

It is very crucial to pursue sex related problems with utter care, as it can determine the future of one’s family life. No matter what the problem, it is best in the interest of the affected to be vocal about it and be willing to discuss it with their partners and doctors openly. Effective treatment of these problems is purely based on understanding the reason related to the cause of the problem.

Not all sexual problems may require medical attention; some of them can be overcome by mere understanding and elimination of the reasons behind the occurrence of the problem in the first place. If there is something about your partner that constantly bothers you, talk to them about it, and try reasoning it. Doing this will not only reduce the built-up stress, but will also result in stronger emotional bonding.

In certain cases, it has been observed that regular counseling improved the condition of the affected, and they were able to return to enjoy active sex once again. Certain sexual problems can be averted with mere lifestyle changes like, regular exercising, healthy eating habits and indulging in stress busting activities like yoga and meditation. Active support from a partner makes it easy for the affected, to overcome the sexual problem.

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