Pregnancy is all about the progress of one or more offspring called an embryo or fetus in the female reproductive system called uterus. It’s a most awaiting stage in every human’s life, which takes around 40 weeks from day one to last stage of pregnancy. The developing stage is divided into 3 trimesters to understand the progress of the pregnancy.


In the stage of first trimester your body experiences many alterations. Hormonal changes affect approximately every function of the organ in the body. These modifications elicit various indication of pregnancy in the first weeks of pregnancy. Halt in a process of menstruation is a clear indication shows that you are pregnant. Some other changes that it comprise:

  • Extreme exhaustion or weariness
  • Engorge & distended breasts.
  • Change in the size of the nipples.
  • disconcert abdomen
  • yearning or tasteless in certain foodstuff
  • Changes in the mind frame.
  • Constipation, facing difficulty in bowel emptiness   
  • Flow of urine more than regular
  • Head pain
  • Sensation of Heartburn
  • Increase or decreases in weight.

When certain changes take place you probably get your daily routine disturb and changed. You may go to bed late, you may eat a meal less than regular. The process of 1st trimester runs from (week 1- 12), which further explained its growth in 4, 8 and 12 weeks.

4 weeks:

  • A baby's brain, spinal cord, heart, arm & led buds gets begun to form.
  • It further turns embryo & one-twenty-fifth inch extended.

8 weeks:

  • Almost all main organs & outer structures of the body gets begun to form.
  • You may see the growth in the legs, arms & fingers of the baby with normal heart beats.
  • The sexual organs of the body & eyes get begin to form.
  • The umbilical cord appears clearly.
  • An ending of 8 weeks, you will see a fetus appears same like a human. Baby seems to be one inch long.

12 weeks:

  • The nerves & muscles begin to function. You may able to know the sex of the baby.
  • The baby turn 3 inch longer.


The 2nd trimester seems to be quite bearable than the first trimester. Some of the pregnancies symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, etc. get reduce in this stage. Besides, you will get expansion in the stomach due to baby growth. After, completion of this stage you will find a movement in the baby.

When the womb make place for the baby you may face:

  • Body, back, stomach, groin or thigh pain
  • An appearance of stretch marks on the stomach, breasts, thighs or buttocks takes place.
  • The skin of the nipples get dark, you may also see changes or darkness in the skin texture.
  • An itching on the stomach, palms & feet.
  • Distention of the ankles fingers & face. 

16 weeks:

  • The formation of muscle tissue, bone, and skeleton ensue to form.
  • The formation of Skin begins to form along with the development of Meconium in the baby's intestinal zone. It is admitted as first bowel function.
  • Your baby gets turn into 4 to 5 inches.

20 weeks:

  • You can feel baby more active coated with waxy vernix, to protect the skin texture.
  • The formation of Eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails & toenails take place.
  • A baby can hear & swallow & grow up to 6 inch.

24 weeks:

  • Bone marrows commence to formulate blood cells.
  • Footprints, fingerprints, real hair, lungs & hands begin to form.
  • You may get your baby sleeps & wakes regularly.


You may get breathing difficult and make you visit bathroom many time. This happens when the baby turns bigger & put pressure on the organs.

  • Sensation of Heartburn
  • Swelling of the ankles, fingers, and face. 
  • Hemorroids, breast swelling, leak of water from the breast
  • The baby gets reach to the lower part of the tummy.

As your pregnancy days come near your cervix turns thinner & softer, which is termed as effacing? It’s a normal & natural procedure, which aids the birth canal called vagina to unlock during the birthing course. Now you will be at the stage of 29-40  weeks of pregnancy.

32 weeks:

  • The bones of the baby get fully formed, but still seems to be soft.
  • You may notice kicks & jabs of the baby.
  • An opening & closing of the eyes take place.
  • Lungs are in the process of finishing & trying breathing.
  • Your baby's get begins to store essential minerals, such as iron & calcium.
  • Lanugos commence to fall off.
  • You can see a baby in gaining weight rapidly. A baby may turn about 15 to 17 inches long & holds the weight of 4 to 4½ pounds.

36 weeks:

  • The defensive waxy covering known as vernix turns thicker.
  • The fat of the Body get enhanced & you can see your baby getting bigger and bigger & minimum space to turn around.
  • A baby may get turn 16 to 19 inches long & 6 to 6½ pounds in weight.

37-40 weeks:

  • In conclusion of 37 weeks, your baby is seems to be fully developed. The organ of the baby gets function on their own.
  • When you are near to your due date, your baby may get spin into a head-down pose to take a birth.

During birth, you may get the baby weight around 6 to 9 pounds & 19 to 21 inches long. Well, the weight and size of the baby differs. Most of the healthy baby holds excessive weight; sometimes, it becomes difficult to deliver such type of healthy baby.

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