Low libido level is nothing, but a lack of sex drive, which admitted a threat in sexual performance. Testosterone is liable to improve the man's sex drive, but a low testosterone tends to drop down the ability to enjoy a complete sex or to satisfy the partner sexually.  Lack of interest in sexual performance and erectile dysfunction are some leading sexual mayhem measured in today’s generation. Low testosterone is responsible to cause this sexual hurdle in man. Low testosterone and impotence are two different forms of sexual disorders but correlated. A low rate of testosterone leads to reduce the sex drive in man results low libido level and lack of sex interest; whereas, Male impotence measured a kind of sexual disorder, which restricts the erection due to insufficient blood supply toward the penis. These both are interlinked a person suffering from low libido level may get the risk of erectile dysfunction. However, not all man is liable to get this sexual disorder, in fact a man with unhealthy health history, family record, holding any form of unhealthy habits are likely to get this complication. Not only man found at risk of low libido level in fact a woman too, but seems high in man comparing to woman. Most of the man getting older found low interest in sex, which can’t be admitted as a low libido or ED issue. Certain form of sexual condition leads to run the man bareness and fails the reproductive system to work well. It exactly called male infertility, which causes due to erectile dysfunction or reduction in libido level. 

Factors to cause Low Libido level

                                                                                             PHYSICAL FACTORS  

  • Alcoholism

An intake of alcohol in excessive amount not only weakens the function of the organs, but it also causes reduction in sex drive. One may get the risk of low libido level and lack of interest in sexual performance. Alcohol can be measured a biggest treat in sexual performance. Thus, one must take it in moderate amount rather than practicing it in over amount. However, people who seems addicted to alcohol are likely to get soonest death and organ failure.  

  • Smoking

Smoking a biggest threat of sex? It is scientifically proven that a person who smokes excessively is absolute to get sexual disorder. Smoking is injurious or harmful to over all health along with organs failure and immune disruption it is also accountable to cause reduction in libido level, erectile dysfunction, fall in testosterone, etc. smoking is found one of the leading factor to cause sexual complication in today’s generation.

  • Harmful drugs

A person practicing a harmful drug like cocaine, nicotine, heroine, etc. found more at risk to get sexual mayhem. People, practicing such unhealthy habits not only get a sexual mayhem, but also get reduction in life longevity. They are for sure to get low libido level as well as impotence issue. They seem more at risk to get male infertility problem.    

  • Obesity

An obesity or over weight is another aspect that has been measured to cause hurdle in sexual performance. The fats of the body enhance the risk of low libido count and may leads to ED, gradually; so, one must maintain a balanced weight.

  • Anemia

Existence of low blood in the body or presence of insufficient amount of iron in the body may consequences the risk of low sex drive in man and woman both. It
widely affects a female group than the man, but both get afflicted. One may get sexually discourage.

  • Hyperprolactinaemia

It can be measured a rare but considered factor to cause sexual mayhem in person. It takes place when the pituitary gland tends to generate over hormone called prolactin. An underactive of thyroid gland is considered a secondary factor to cause sexual impediments.

  • Over medication

According to the studies people exercising over amount of medicines get the risk of sexual disorder called low libido count, low testosterone count, impotence, etc. Thus, one must avoid taking medicines without purpose.

  • Disease & Low testosterone

A person suffering from some kind of disease or illness gets reduction in the testosterone count. This is what results reduction in sex drive and lack of interest in sexual performance. Certain kind of severe disease like cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes, etc. considered a wide reason behind sexual mayhem such as fall in libido count and impotence.

                                                                                          PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS

  • Depression

Amongst all depression alleged one of the highest leading factors to cause erectile dysfunction and drop in libido count.  A person holding depressed frame of mind persistently holds less interest in sexual deed. Melancholy is a threat for the sex; a sad mood may last for a longer period, which makes you uninterested to enjoy sexual life. This is measured another leading aspects to hurdle the sexual performance.

  • Stress

An irritated and stressful mind may give you a lack of interest in sexual performance. A person with over loaded of work, anxiety, exhaustion, etc. assumed a leading threat in sexual deed of the person. If, you feel like you are exhausted and depressed by the mind you need to look for a change in your lifestyle.

  • Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal Imbalances could be measured one of the reason behind sexual inabilities. A man with destabilized hormones may get afflicted by sexual practice.

To overcome from sexual hurdle 

The one who wanted to overcome from this complicated sexual issue must limit practicing the unhealthy habits and must take care of the deed. One can use Caverta, Kamagra, Generic Viagra, Sildenafil Citrate, etc. to deal with sexual disorder called Male impotence or premature ejaculation. To moderate the issue of low libido level one must avoid taking alcohol, smoking, tobacco, etc. or must consult the experts to deal with.

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